Our Mission: A Sustainable Future beginning with You

Our mission at the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute is to facilitate educational opportunities for the Greater Cincinnati and Midwest region on Urban and Rural agriculture, Ecological Design, Green Building and Permaculture to create a regenerative and resilient bioregion and society for millenia to come. 



Our goal is not only to educate but build the community of sustainable living in our region.



We are non-profit organization that serves as a parent organization for a network of urban farms, urban gardens, Permaculture demonstration sites, etc. We promote and educate Permaculture principles, green building technologies, and sustainable development.

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Check out our nursey

Something about nursery and its benefits..... meet human needs, modeled off of the regenerative properties of nature.  This process can be applied Agriculture, Landscape Design, Architecture, Community Planning, Energy Theory, Transportation and much more.

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