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Rocket Mass Heater Workshop

We are proud to be hosting our first independent Rocket Mass Heater Construction workshop on the first and second weekends of October. Rocket Mass Heaters are the most efficient, renewable and affordable source of reliable heat for our homes that has been developed to date. They are constructed of affordable and mostly natural and renewable materials ranging from Cob to Brick, and are fueled by our current carbon cycle of very renewable twigs and branches. They are designed to capture and release a majority of the heat created by the biomass within the building rather than release it out the chimney. They can burn for 20 minutes, heat for the next four hours while releasing smoke cooled to 90 degrees fahrenheit out the chimney. They are the most efficient renewable source of heating discovered to date so come on out and learn how construct one for yourself and start solving climate change while preparing for fossil fuel depletion to create a resilient, symbiotic future.

This course will cover the science and construction behind these Heaters. Students will learn via hands on and lecture how to construct one themselves, from planning to completion to operation along with the pitfalls many beginners stumble into. They will also learn Coppicing and Pollarding of trees to sustainably manage the source of fuel for the heater.

Course Times:

  • Friday Evening (10/9): 6-9pm
  • Saturday (10/10): 9-6pm
  • Sunday (10/18): 10-5pm

Course Cost: $75 


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