Learn about who we are, what we do and why we do it to build a sustainable, mutualistic and regenerative future here in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


To educate individuals and organizations on Permaculture in order to catalyze a resilient culture in the Cincinnati Bioregion. Leveraging symbiotic opportunities for practical regenerative results.



Our diverse community builds its’ own resilient future; one plant, one person, one community at a time.

What We've Achieved

  • Permaculture Design Certifications:

    • 150 + Certified Designers in Cincinnati and our Region

    • Every year since 2008 we have held our Annual PDC's

    • Currently 11 courses hosted

    • 10+ Teachers

    • Hosted at over 20 sites demonstrating Permaculture around the Cincinnati Area

  • Countless Weekend Workshops on subjects ranging from Food Forests to Rocket Mass Heaters

  • International Development Training for Development Workers in Morocco

  • Organized a 9 day training in Earthship/Tiny house construction

  • Supported and Headed up the development of numerous Community Forage Gardens, Community Orchards, Community and School Gardens

  • Created and Developed the City's first Permaculture based nursery, Growing Value, supplying the City with sources of Hardy Perennial Edibles.

Contact: info@cincinnatipermacultureinstitute.org